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Academy Council

The Academy Councilors are pleased to be able to report another successful year throughout all aspects of the life of the school.

This success is achieved by the commitment and dedication of the students, teachers and support staff together with the support given by parents/carers and we congratulate them all.

If you would like to contact the Academy Council, please do so, through the Clerk, Mrs Sawyer (secretary@endon.shaw-education.org.uk).

There are ongoing changes and challenges ahead for education; the Academy Council will continue to meet them and to do all they can to ensure the school and its pupils maintain their high standards.


Shaw Education Trust Governance

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Investing in Your Child’s Future.

There is nothing more precious than making the right choices for your child’s future.

Being a school governor is a responsibility not taken likely but is highly rewarding; the role gives you a ‘cockpit view’ of the direction of travel, the opportunity to question and alter the coordinates through reasoned debate, and the confidence that the journey any child is taking is mapped out in great detail with a final destination point well-fixed and within reach.

Investing in that journey requires commitment to the cause, training for the purpose, and a vision of what can be.

We give the training, you give the commitment; the vision is shared with a friendly, experienced body of equally invested people.

For more information to consider your options in joining the governing body of Endon High School, contact the Clerk, Mrs J Sawyer: secretary@endon.shaw-education.org.uk





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