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Staffordshire Young Poet Laureate - latest work

Take A Look Around

Take a look around you, nothing’s what it seems,

People delay to get to the day when they reach their final dreams.

A conversation these days takes place over a screen,

This isn’t real, there’s nothing to feel and it’s not as good as it’s been.

A crisis has forced us to retreat and pretend,

But let’s not forget what’s left to defend.

Someone, anyone, share some pen and paper with me,

Turns out technology’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Filters and effects are no more than fantasy,

The beauty you see, when you feel free is the only reality.

Don’t let your vision be clouded when it’s not okay,

Live your life, without that knife, knowing you did things your way.

Of course there’s good too, examples of kindness and valiance,

But we’re on the ledge, we’re over the edge, of a somewhat uneven balance.

So let this be a wakeup call, that brings you back to safer land,

The tide draws in, the dust settles, now who’s brave enough to take a stand?


by M Tideswell

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