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Endon High

The School Day and Year

The School Day

Hours per week

Students at Endon High School attend school for 32.33 hours per week. (unless they stay longer to do Endzone!)

Before school & Arriving
Pupils are welcome to come onto the school site from 08.20. Please do not walk around the school building before the 08.35 bell.

The school day starts with the 8.40am bell. 

Pupils arriving after 08.40 will be considered late for school and be given a late mark & unmet expectation.

Pupils go straight to register in form rooms.

Timings of the school day

08.00 Breakfast club open

08.20 Front yard opens

08.30 Breakfast club closes

08.40 Pupils move to form rooms

08.40 Morning form time

09.10 Lesson One (1a)

10.00 (1b)

10.50 Break

11.05 Lesson Two (2a)

11.55 (2b)

12.45 Lunch

13.20 Lesson Three (3a)

14.10 (3b)

15.00 Afternoon Form

15.10 End of the school day

15.10 - 16.00 Endzone

15.10 onwards Reflect and Reset

Reflect and Reset
Takes place, depending on the pupils accumulation of unmet expectations, at either:

  • the end of the day, 
  • 15 mins after the end of the day
  • 30 mins after the end of the day
  • 45 mins after the end of the day
  • 60 mins after the end of the day

Isolation (Redirection)
Pupils sanctioned to be in isolation start their school day at 9am and complete their isolation at 4pm.

At 9am, pupils in isolation must report the the school visitor reception and not arrive via the pupil entrance.

Break and lunchtime

  • Pupils are allowed to go to their designated canteen for snacks or meals and to sit with friends.
  • Pupils with pack lunches can also eat in the their designated canteen at lunchtime.
  • Food purchased in the Canteens must be eaten there and not taken outside.
  • No pupils should be in the corridors, classrooms, the hall unsupervised during break or lunch. 
  • The prefects will monitor these spaces and we expect no pupils to be entering the buildings 10mins after lunch starts, apart from the main building, small hall, canteen corridor.
  • If it is raining you will be allowed to stay in their canteen or to use the Main Hall.
  • All pupils must stay on the school premises throughout the day, including lunch and break time.
  • Pupils must not fill water bottles during lesson time. Only before school, at break and at lunch.

Academic Year 2023-24:

Half Term One

Year 7 Induction Afternoon on Tuesday 5th September 2023
School re-opens for all years on Wednesday 6th September 2023
The Autumn Half Term Holiday is Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November 2023

Half Term Two

Pupils return to school on Monday 6th November 2023
The Christmas Holiday is Friday 22nd December 2022 - Friday 5th January 2024

Half Term Three

Pupils return to school on Monday 8th January 2024
The Spring Half Term Holiday is Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February 2024

Half Term Four

Pupils return to school on Monday 19th February 2024
The Easter Holiday is Monday 25th March - Friday 5th April 2024

Half Term Five

Pupils return to school on Monday 8th April 2024
Monday 6th May 2024 is a Bank Holiday
The Summer Half Term Holiday is Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May 2024

Half Term Six

Pupils return to school on Monday 3rd June 2024
The summer Holiday is Monday 22nd July 2024 - Tuesday 5th September 2023

School INSET Day - Monday 1st July (school closed for pupils)

Academic Year 2024-25

Year 7 Induction Afternoon on Tuesday 3rd September 2024
School re-opens for all years on Wednesday 4th September 2024

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